Why no code completion ?

I am new to RoR I have installed aptana, eclipse RoR plugin on ubuntu
but whether I create Ruby or Rails project then add a new file.rb
that file does not have any code completion
for example
Math. control space
This work on Netbeans.

Use Netbeans. :slight_smile: Or find an Aptana help forum :wink:

I suspect most people here use textmate, I use netbeans and haven't
tried Aptana in over a year

Or RubyMine. The code completion is really impressive in that.
Creating accurate code completion in Ruby is a lot more challenging
than it is in strongly typed languages.

When I used Aptana, I found that the code completion worked better in
some places than others. I think I remember it being ok inside models,
but terrible inside views.

Note that ruby is dynamic, you can add methods to a class during run time, that is why is hard to implement code completion and some times is useless