Why belongs_to doesn't have :select, :group, :offset and :limit options?

I was just wondering, cause with preload associations wouldn't be a
problem to support those keys.

So if no problem actually exists, I'm offering myself to do a patch. =)

Ok! I was out of my mind!
My problem is really with the :select key and I just thought, why not
include others also? =P

:group, :offset and :limit keys don't make sense.

So, changing my question: why belongs_to and has_one doesn't
support :select options?

Really, we only have to change 2 lines of code! =)

Actually, I'm not the only one crazy! =)

Does anyone know why belongs_to accepts :order?
Cause it isn't even in the find_target method (active_record/
associations/belongs_to_association.rb, line 43)

        def find_target
            :conditions => conditions,
            :include => @reflection.options[:include],
            :readonly => @reflection.options[:readonly]

José Valim.

Patch at: http://rails.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8994-ruby-on-rails/tickets/241/

Nicely done, applied.