Whos is using Agile methodologies ?

Plllleeeaasseee… “Agile”, great word; lacks substance. I’m sorry if you’re just trying to spark up some discussion, but please just take the whole Agile “concept” with a pinch of salt.

Sure, everything Agile development mandates are great techniques and should be used wherever applicable, but they aren’t “Agile” techniques, they’re techniques developed by individual teams that identified a specific problem and applied a solution. These solutions just happened to be picked up along the way by people who thought including them in a next-big-thing philosophy was a cool idea. Sound development techniques aren’t created by people with semantic ability, they’re created by people trying to solve real-world problems.

So in answer to your question: Almost all of use are using techniques deemed to be “Agile”. How do you implement them? You don’t. You learn them and what they really imply and then apply them to your implementation.

I think he may be asking about workflows and processes in general which are actually applied as opposed to the buzzword "methodologies" you're talking about.