Who are the ROR guru's on this board ?

I'm going to assume that you're with CWI Hosting, judging by your
posted name and a post I found on another webmaster board.

If so, some totally free advice:

- the market for RoR shared hosting is not very good; shared servers
just don't typically have the capacity to handle Rails sites with any
notable amount of traffic. Passenger helps, but its still not
preferred for most apps.

- your ToS doesn't specify how much memory FastCGI processes are
limited to. As a sometimes-customer of shared hosting, this is a red
flag. There's almost certainly a limit, and as a potential customer,
I'd like to know what it is...

- most modern Rails hosting is either managed (EngineYard, for
example: big $, but awesome support) or VPS (Slicehost being a popular
example). You might consider adding VPS plans to your lineup.

- finally, on a totally superficial note, whoever thought that
transparent menus over dark-colored content was a good idea should be
fired immediately. :slight_smile: No, seriously - it looks terrible, and is hard
to read.

--Matt Jones