Which version of Rails?

Hello all,

Which version of Rails do you recommend if I start a new project using
I studied RoR with Agile Web Development with Rails (1st edition) last
year, and found that there is new version 2.x out there - but, it was
very hard for me to find any book for Rails 2.0.

Do I have to stick with 1.x version of Rails?
Also, I wonder if the rails hosting companies do support the latest
version of Rails as well.

I thank you for your advice in advance.

FWIW, I have moved to 2.1.1, REST support excellent, and overall, I am
pleased. YMMV


Hi, I would recommend Agile Web Development with Rails 3rd Edition as a starting

point. At this time, you can obtain the PDF at the following location:


You should at least complete the construction of the demo application. In addition

to the above book, I would also recommend the following as well:

“Simply Rails 2” by Patrick Lenz - a very good first book on learning Rails 2.0

“The Rails Way” by Obie Fernandez - an excellent reference on Rails 2.0 but I’m looking forward to an update covering Rails 2.2

“Advanced Rails Recipes” by Mike Clark and the Rails community - an excellent cookbook (i.e. problem/solution format)

Lastly, you have the people here to assist you along the way.

Good luck,


Rails 2.1.x++.

The latest Rails is always the best to start out with. We often try to
follow along Rails Edge during our heavy development cycle so that
we're not spending too much time handling upgrades later on.


Definitely move to the latest, and grab a copy of Simply Rails 2 if
you are interested. A great, easy read which should guide you rather
well through some of the changes between Rails 1.x and 2.x.