Which IDE has the best SVN integration ?


AFAIK, Aptana RadRails, Netbeans RubyIDE and 3rdRail have SVN
integration support.

Which of these IDEs have the best SVN integration and why ?

I have found Netbeans to have be the best in that arena, IMHO.

Both RadRails and 3rdRail use the Subclipse plugin (though I suppose either
could be made to use Subversive instead), so you'll see no differences
between them.

I'm fairly happy with Subclipse; it's a bit finicky, and there are some
cases (reverting, especially) where it's much slower than the command line,
but the integration with the core Eclipse feature set is really nice - the
ability to see in your project which files need updating, the Synchronize
mode, and especially Mylyn's ability to automatically create separate
changesets for each of your to-do tasks. Two of my favorite features are
the Eclipse Compare Editor graphical merge view and the "Quick Diff"
annotation bar[2] (which colors the line-number field for each line based
on revision number and author, making it easy to find change groups).

The Subclipse maintainer is also on the core Subversion team, so I'd expect
Subclipse to have terrific support for the cool new upcoming features in
1.5, like first-class changesets and merge tracking. In fact, he's blogged
about a GUI merge-tracking client he's been working on[3].

[1] http://rubyurl.com/OxM
[2] http://rubyurl.com/GRf
[3] http://rubyurl.com/nDn

I just started playing with NetBeans and agree it is one of the best
IDE's. Has great SVN/CVS integration too.

Hi Jay

As I understand it from the Aptana radRails Forum, we can also use

I think the eclipse integration for subclipse is great, but the
problem I have with it is that if you commit against several different
projects in the same repository, it commits each project separately
and NOT in the same transaction. So if your tenth project of ten
fails because of a merge issue, (If you are working on a team it is
easy to get out of sync and I don't think there is any kind of trivial
merge will be applied like ClearCase will do in these cases) you
probably just broke your build. We use windows boxes and I commit
through the (fully integrated with explorer) TortoiseSVN client which
handles this problem in a single transaction and looks very similar to


The 'e texteditor' for ruby/rails just uses the windows native
TortoiseSVN integration which is fine for windows users.