Where's Rails presence at WWDC07

I'm looking forward to deploying Rails on Leopard server running on 8

So far, one mention of Rails on Leopard server has been made by Apple
at the WWDC07. Where's the Rails presence at the conference to tell
more of their story? It seems many at the conference aren't aware of
Rails, but yet David tooted the horn about Rails being released in
Leopard Server.

Apple is showing Web 2.0 solutions for everything from server to
desktop to home to mobile. It seems a Rails presence at the conference
would have made an impact, but I guess virtualization has the core
groups attention at the moment.

I’m glad to report, Rails is being discussed in the ‘Scripting for SysAdmin’ session. It’s being presented as an iPhone-ready dev environment and an example is being presented on building an admin front-end. No model involved.


Jose Hales-Garcia

UCLA Department of Statistics