Where to keep web search results


I'm trying to build a web application to search web and store the results onto my application database. Here's my screen flow: Screen 1 - User can search by keyword, then click "Search". Screen 2 - The page returns the search result in list. User clicks on one of the result link to move to the next screen. Screen 3 - The page shows individual result which user clicked. When user clicks on "Add" button, the information will be stored on my application database.

In order to save another access to web to retrieve info to store database, I serialized information with YAML behind html. Is that the right approach? Or any other standard approach to save such another web access?

I came up with this question as the search result includes hash result, and the hash result seems not working well when I deserialize via YAML. It lost the original structure of hash.

Regards, Ryo