Where did the /app/helpers docs go?

Rails 3.2 Guides has small section on the /app/helpers convention (Getting Started with Rails — Ruby on Rails Guides).

The helper section has been removed in Edge Rails 4.x docs (Getting Started with Rails — Ruby on Rails Guides). I looked through the other guides and did not see it.

Anyone know were the section about Helper modules went? I think Rails Guides needs to cover this convention somewhere.

I agree that it should cover it somewhere. What seems like a good spot?

How about at the end of the Layouts and Rendering Guide?


I kept my first draft on my repo, and will push to master after I take a second look at it.

Suggestions are totally welcome!

I am not too sure of the example there. Looks like code that would be better off inside a partial to me. The example you’re giving seems more like an anti pattern than a pattern.

It could still be used to represent what code shouldn’t go inside a helper though, so not everything is in vain.

How about some code that calls out to another class, similar to this:

def money(value)



That would show that a helper can be used to shorten and reduce repetitiveness of code in the views.

Sound good?