where are the widgets?

Interesting. Although I'm not all that familiar with GWT, I've been
toying with this idea of a GUI layer built on top of rails for a while
now. Even more interesting, I had called this project 'goo'... :-/

I don't have much code to show just yet, but feel free to buzz me
off-list if you'd like to toss some ideas around. It'd probably bring
my attention back to it at least... :slight_smile:

Im going back to GWT in the hopes that some of the new WYSIWYG tools
that plug into Eclipse will allieveate the problems I found with it.
Its still very immature. There arent even any decent books on it yet.

Ive thrown out the idea of using GWT as a front end for a RoR backend,
mostly because I really like the debugging environment that you get
with the GWTs pretend browser - lets you put breakpoints in both the
client side java and the server side java and follow execution from one
side to the other and back again. very neat. You loose that ability
when you compile to javascript of course, but by that stage you are