When should I use Edge?

I'm in the middle of project and need to get date_select to behave well in an array context using :index. (It's not initializing the value with the dates of the records, instead it's setting the dates to today's date.)

Do I migrate to Edge expecting this particular problem is fixed in Edge? How do I find out what's fixed in the Edge release? How can I un-Edge the project if it doesn't fix my problem?


Search, and ye shall find:


Here, I'll even do your work for you =)


Migrating to edge and back to stable is very easy - all you need to do is change what vendor/rails is locked to via svn:externals. Just make sure you test your whole app against edge to make sure everything works like it did against 1.16. If you have good test coverage this is much easier. Also, generally you want to freeze against a specific revision in edge rails, and not just track head, so that are in control of what version you are using and when updates happen.

- rob