when migrating add_index error: invalid date

ROR 3, Ruby 1.9.2
Every time I use migration with add_index included, I get an "Invalid
date" error
I'm using windows 7 and Mysql2
Can anyone help?
Here's my code:

tonyaraujo wrote in post #957977:

    add_index("pages", "subject_id")
    add-index("pages", "permalink")

Have you tried this?
add_index :pages, :subject_id
add_index :pages, :permalink

Thanks for the reply, after trying your suggestion I still get the
same "invalid date " error. I can only migrate if I comment the
add_index part.

Replace mysql2 gem with mysql (at least for development mode under windows). Solved here : https://groups.google.com/d/msg/rubyonrails-talk/a-wyECimZ5g/1F0sgAcje0cJ