What's the thing in your Rails repo you are most reluctant to work on?

In one of our platforms we have three specs that are failing on 31 of August, on 29 of January and on 30 of January. The specs are for subscriptions upgrades where we show how much we would charge the user for an upgrade.

On these days and only on these days the specs fail with

 expected: 9.0
 got: 0.896e1

I went on to comment on the spec for the third time in the last year that today is again not the day to tackle this (because reasons).

So it got me thinking - what are other real life scenarios of the things others are most reluctant to work on in their project. Like you know that someday you will have to resolve it and that its is important, but not today.

Kiril, it is difficult to figure out what really fails without seeing the spec that fails. It would be great if you could post some. Thnx :slight_smile:

I know that. I am not looking for help and answers here, I was just wondering if others could share examples like “what’s always at the back of the backlog”