What's the cleanest way to add have a start / stop control with EventMachine

Hi there,

I'm new to playing with EventMachine and I wondered if anyone has a nice way of backgrounding it and start / stopping it from the command line like an init script.

e.g. ./mydaemon start|stop

I've not seen an example of this and search through the Juggernaut gem source I couldn't get the come I'd stolen from it to work with a basic echo server.

e.g. mydaemon start|stop

Any ideas?


Here's what I did :

# =============================
# script/em_manager
# I did a chmod +x on this file

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'rubygems'
require 'daemons'
  options = {
    :app_name => "em_manager",
    #:ARGV => ['start', '-f', '--', 'param_for_myscript']
    #:dir_mode => :normal,
    #:dir => path,
    :multiple => false,
    #:ontop => true,
    :mode => :load,
    :log_output => true,
    #:keep_pid_files => true,
    #:backtrace => true,
   # :monitor => true