What you think about Ruby Jobs?

Hello everyone, I’m from Brazil, and I’m looking forward to lean a new language to work with.

Ruby is my choice! :smiley:

What is the salary average for Ruby programmers? (rookie, normal, expert)
Ho pays the best salary? (country)
I plan to work outside Brazil… Which country is adopting best the Ruby technology?

Here in Brazil, the things is a little slow… The servers are adopting the language on this year, but it still slow… The business on São Paulo are still on Java, Delphi, VB and so on… (desktop environment) and ASP, PHP, Flex, Java (web environment).

I have already good experience on Delphi (6 years) and PHP (4 years).

No one?

Thanks for the answers!

Well, the way i see here in Brazil, is that there are two types of bubbles. 1º one on freelancers and standalone services (In here, RoR is getting better and better every day…) but the 2º, the companies, are not adopting this technology so well, and that is what really pays the salary…

Here in São Paulo, PHP still the dominant language.

Is there any information / graphics of the adoption or the growing of RoR on worldwide?
Shandy Nantz and Keburgett, wich state or country are u from?