What is meant here?

In the "Head First Rails" book, it mentions the following:

If the matching route contains symbols, then the Routing system will
create "matching parameters" in the request parameters table params[.
.. ].....

I want to ask about matching parameters. Does that mean that if we have
the following symbols:


So, does "create "matching parameters" in the request parameters table
params[. .. ]" mean the following:

params[:id, :controller, :action]

And, one final thing. What is the "Routing system"? Is it routes.rb?


I think params[...] should NOT be written as I wrote it in my question
like this: params[:id, :controller, :action]?

It should be written as follows instead?



Or, both are the same?

It's a bit more than that - routes.rb is the means by which you
configure the routing system, which could be broadly described as the
part of rails that dispatches incoming requests to individual
controller actions.


Frederick Cheung wrote: