What is coming in Instant Rails 2.0

I just wanted to give a quick update about what is coming in the next version of Instant Rails version 2.0.


Please take a look at a post I just did and please comment. Since Rails 2.0.2 now has a default database support for SQLite3, I wonder if it should be part of the Instant Rails package? If so, what to use for the manager as we do today with phpMyAdmin. I am not considering dropping MySQL but providing SQLite3 in conjunction with MySQL.

Rob Bazinet


Hey cool thought. Curt Hibbs who maintained this project most
recently had that very same idea. I need to think about how that
would work but it sure would make it awesome.

If you have some time and want to toss around some ideas, I would
appreciate it.



You could use email, rbazinet.nospam@gmail.com or on IM chat via
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rbazinet66.nospam@hotmail.com on MSN Messenger and the email I just
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client sites.


If so, what to use for the manager [for SQLite3] as we do today with phpMyAdmin.

How about SQLiteSpy?




Thank you, hadn't seen that one. I will check it out.


Thanks Ryan.