What is a lot of traffic

Im trying to figure out what configurations to set for my Heroku server. To be more spesific. Im expecting around 3000 users for an online conference on a site Im hosting. Including som action cable magic and sidekiq action I’m trying to figure out what my dyno setting on Heroku should be. It would be a catastrophe if the page crashes due to lack of resources. I have therefore tried to google what a lot of traffic is. What RedisCloud subscription should I have 1 dyno or 5 dynos. How many workers? 2? 3? Anyone who can give me an guestamente?

From before my pages has only had a steady stream below 150 users at a time so this has not been an issue before now.


Would something like this be helpful for you? Rails Autoscale - Add-ons - Heroku Elements


Hehe. Thank you for the answer. Love the sales pitch, Sleep well, without stress…