What do I need to know before starting my first Rails project?

Hi! I am starting my first Rails project. I worked as a Java developer and system development engineer in the past so I have experience with the MVC architecture, software development, and devops; but almost no experience with Ruby and no experience with Rails. I went through the Getting Started with Rails guide. Here is the code.

Now I am about to start my first real Rails project. I chose Rails for this project, because I heard it enables devs to prototype fast and that’s what I need at the moment. I am not worried about the app being production-ready or scalable. I just need to get something out there fast and iterate on it.

Here are the requirements I have at the moment. These might change in the future and the app should accommodate those changes and be extensible. I am hoping that Rails is the right framework for that. If you do not think Rails is the right framework for this please LMK. I would be happy to know your argument.

  1. Get a users to create an account and log in. There will be 3 different kind of main users.
  2. Users should be allowed to post new items. These items will have many attributes.
  3. Some but not all users can see items posted and bid on them for say 1 hour (we should be able to change this value to 10/15 min in the future)
  4. At the end of the timeframe the lowest bidder wins. Allow users to only bid if they can bid lower than the previous bidder
  5. Once we have a winning bid the users should confirm the item at that price… and then we will expose the contact info to the users so they can communicate.

My question is what else do I need to know about Rails before starting a project like this? Unfortunately I don’t have the time to read all the guides before starting this project, but I will be reading them as much as possible as I work on this.