what authentication approach for a WinForms app which will interact with my Ruby on Rails web app???


What people would suggest for an approach for a WinForms client that
will have to interact with my web application (ruby on rails, which
will use AuthLogic for authentication).

For example options such as:
* authentication each HTTP request,
* gets a token at beginning of session somehow, then uses until it times out
* other?


Did you look at oauth?

Darian Shimy

Not yet - does the .NET 3.0 framework support this? (i.e. I'm looking
for I guess an approach that the .net framework supports on the .net
winforms side & Rails support on the web server side - trying to find
out what people have generally done here)...

A buddy of mine used this: http://dotnetopenauth.net:8000/ YMMV

Darian Shimy

the summary reads as this being a solution for if you're building a
ASP .NET web application - whereas I'm looking for sample code to
include in a .NET WinForms app which needs to authenticate to a
non-microsoft web application....