weird session behavior

Hey guys,

I'm having a hard time with some weird behavior in my application. Every time I logout a particular has_many relationship seems broken. When I first login, my relationship user.profile.comments works as expected, but when I logout and login with another user, I get:

NoMethodError in ProfileController#show undefined method `comments' for #<Profile:0x46ff26c>

My Models: class User < ActiveRecord::Base   has_one :profile end

class Profile < ActiveRecord::Base   has_many :comments   belongs_to :user end

class Comment < ActiveRecord::Base   belongs_to :profile end

And here is my login and logout procedure in my controller:

class UserController < ApplicationController   def login     if       if session[:user] = User.authenticate(params[:user][:login], params[:user][:password])         flash[:message] = "Login Successful"         redirect_to_stored       else         flash[:warn] = "Login Error"       end     end   end

  def logout     session[:user] = nil     flash[:message] = 'Logged out'     redirect_to :action => 'login'   end end

Any ideas?

Thanks, Javier Godinez


Well, if I restart the server it works until I logout and login with the same or another user. I was wondering if anyone has seen behavior like this before. I can code around this with something like Comment.find_all_by_profile_id( but I want rails to make this relationship transparent.

Thanks, Javier

I am calling it like this: @profile.comments where @profile = @user.profile here is the subroutine:

  def show     if params[:id]       @user = User.find_by_login(params[:id])     else       @user = User.find(     end

    @profile = @user.profile     @photos = Photo.find_all_by_profile_id(, :conditions => ["removed = 0"])     @photo = Photo.find_by_profile_id(, :conditions => ["removed = 0 AND main = 1"])     if @photo.nil?       @photo = Photo.find(1)     end

    @spot_pages, @spots = paginate_collection(       @user.spots.find(:all, :order => 'created_at DESC'),       :page => params[:page])

    @buddies = User.find_by_sql(       ["SELECT u.* FROM buddies_users b, buddies_users c, users u " +         "WHERE b.buddy_id = ? " +           "AND = b.user_id " +           "AND b.user_id = c.buddy_id " +           "AND b.buddy_id = c.user_id", @user])

    @comment_pages, @comments = paginate_collection(@profile.comments.find(:all,       :order => 'created_at DESC'), :page => params[:page])   end

OK, I think I figured it out, it seems to me that requiring a model (ActiveRecord::Base) in a controller throws many things off in rails. Has anyone experienced this before? Things such as what I describe below don't seem to work right. What I was doing is something like: require 'user' at the top of some controller.

Thanks for your help... Javier Godinez

Why are you requring a model in a controller? All models are included automatically.

Well, I've been working on this for a while, learning as I go and I believe that was something I did erroneously.