Weird behaviour with login engine

I am using update rails code and suddenly login engine broke.I am not sure, if its because of rails update, but the problem is, In the user signup page, without entering any field in the form, if i click submit, the engine passes the validation.

Of course, the empty user wont be actually entered into the users table, but no validations is taking place and hence no error message is displayed.Simply, the following statement there in user_controller.rb:

if flash[:notice] = “Signup successful” redirect_to :login end

is getting executed and the controller code, thinks the user is entered.

I tried to figure it out.But i guess, I have never seen such wierd stuff.

However, restarting the server temporarily fixes the problem and validation would actually take place.

But, let it run for sometime and there we go again, with this wierd problem.

have you update the engines plugin as well as the login engine?

usually when you update rails, these need updating too