web services help / documentation


I've been trying for a few days to create a :delegated or :layered web
service with no success. I am wondering if I'm just not using the
proper URL for the scaffold generator to test with. Using the default
method, everything works just fine. I wanted to avoid having a
different controller for every call, but maybe that's not a bad way to
go anway.

I'm also looking for a simple way to map :expected parms to a model
object. I tried to use :expects => [Person] but I can't. I can
do :expects[:string, :string], returns => [Person]

I did want to be able to group like service methods in a single
controller if possible. If you know of a good layered example that
has all the code, that would be great - also if you know what the
scaffold :invoke url should look like for a delegated or layerd
service - that may be the problem too.

Thank you