Web Application Testing Framework


I have been searching the forums here, but haven't found a thread on
what I am looking for. We would like to build a RoR application as an
automated test framework for testing *another* web application. All of
the posts I have seen in this forum, the Rails test infrastructure is
for testing the Rails application itself. However, that is not what we
are looking for.

Rather, we would like the Rails application to store the test attributes
(Name, Functional Area, Status, Start Time, End Time, Elapsed Time).
The functional test infrastructure in Rails would store the tests that
exercise our web application.

I like the notion of FIT to use table driven testing. It is a handy way
to describe the test scenarios and test data.

Is this the correct application for Rails? Has someone already created
a test framework using Rails? How to combine the FIT model with the
Rails Model?

Thanks in Advance.