Web 2.0, what is/is not supported on iPhone?

Jeff Pritchard wrote:

So far I know that Flash is not supported. That's good for us.

I haven't been able to determine with certainty whether or not cookies
are supported. That's important.

Yes cookies are supported.

Here's the info about iPhone Web development from Apple:


Ajaxian has had a number of articles/references to Safari development on the iPhone:


Problems with drag and drop have already been mentioned.

Two other problems are no double-click events (used for zooming functionality) and forms that don't have an explicit submit button (i.e. they assume the user will hit Enter/Return).

Hi, here’s a very good page in regards to preparing your apps for the iPhone.


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Hi, if you’re looking to create web apps for the iPhone. I would recommend taking a look at the iUI being that I attended the iPhoneDevCamp in San Francisco July 6 - 8 where I had the chance to go geek with my iPhone. Anyway, you can find more information about the event here:


iUI Reference: