Washington, DC (downtown) high traffic, high performance news site seeking perm and contract RoR talent (no remote)

I took some time to search and find if job postings are acceptable here and what format the community seems to prefer. Hope this is ok.

Confident you can design/build for high performance RoR web infrastructure that serves tens of thousands of users concurrently? Users accessing massive amounts of data?

Look into the future. You came into a world class software company three years ago to build elaborate, high traffic web products for a global media powerhouse. These are not shopping or informational websites, but complex and detailed business services delivered over the web to the most sophisticated customers. You’ve grown with the team and can now continue to thrive in one of the world’s most advanced software development organizations or parlay the experience into a new direction.

This company offers 4 weeks vacation to start, free health insurance for your whole family, 50% 401k match, and very healthy comp among other benefits. They have carefully built a highly diverse and high performance software development organization. You will emerge a much better developer in a few years. In this company software performance is more important than anything else. This is not a punch the clock and wait for a 3% annual raise job. This is a “let’s make it better than any other company in the world can” job.

The tech: we are looking serious experience on high traffic RoR customer facing sites.

Bonus for skill in Java.

Web services creation experience with SOAP or REST.

Design with HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JQuery)

It’s an Agile development environment.

To discuss please email me: davef (at) coresearchinc (dot) com.