want to jump/scroll to a certain row in a table


This might be more of an HTML question but it could be because of an
interaction with Rails that the solution I use right now is not

I have tried several ways to jump/scroll to a certain row in a large
table, I tried an event like <div id="event#666"> and use http://website#section#666
I inserted the div with the even before the <tr> and after it, both
did not work

I have also tried to use <a name="event#666"> (found this also on the
web somewhere) but it also did not work.

Is there another solution that is more rails friendly? What am I
messing up?

You're just using the wrong syntax. Use id="event666" and link to it
like http://some/url#event666

I believe div is not valid round a row (or cell for that matter), it
can only encompass the whole table or be within a cell. Paste your
html into the w3c htlm validator to check. Different browsers behave
inconsistently with this sort of html error, it may appear to work
with some.


I've started using this recently:


Thank you! That with:
<% if @section>0 %>
<script type="text/javascript">
// <!--
document.location.hash="id<%= @rowid %>";
// -->
<% end %>

at the *start* of the file was all that was needed!