VTD-XML 2.8 has been released. Please visit VTD-XML: The Future of XML Processing - Browse Files at SourceForge.net to download the latest version.

  a.. Expansion of Core VTD-XML API     a.. VTDGen adds support for capturing white spaces     b.. VTDNav adds support for suport for getContentFragment(), recoverNode() and cloneNav()     c.. XMLModifier adds support for update and reparse feature     d.. AutoPilot adds support for retrieving all attributes     e.. BookMark is also enhanced.   b.. Expansion of Extended VTD-XML API     a.. Add content extraction ability to extended VTD-XML     b.. VTDNavHuge now can call getElementFragment() and getElementFragmentNs()     c.. VTDGenHuge adds support for capturing white spaces   c.. XPath     a.. Adds comment and processing instruction support for nodes, and performance enhancement     b.. Adds namespace axis support .     c.. Adds round-half-to-even()

  d.. A number of bug fixes and code enhancement