VPS Distro Question

I’m going to be signing up for a rimuhosting vps tomorrow. In my limited linux experience I like Ubuntu (setup a dev server from scratch on it, thats the extent of my experience). Any red flags for using Ubuntu as a the distro for a apache2.2/mysql/mongrel pack. I remember coming acrossed something about it not being as easy to get apache2.2 on some distros…

I use Ubuntu to develop Mongrel, so you should be fine for compatibility reasons, just make sure you follow the Mongrel Debian documentation (Debian's special).

What’s the preferred way to get Mongrel all running these days? Are most people running the testing distro?

We use FreeBSD + a Debian DB box. I’ve also used Gentoo and nginx proxying to it with it.


Hi folks,

In my schema I have

   create_table "post", :force => true do |t|      t.column "title", :string, :limit => 16,      ....    end

And in my view:

   <%= form.text_field :title, :size => "16" %>

My question is.... can I get rails to automatically know the field size? So my view wont have the magic number "16", it will just magically "know".


+1 gentoo+nginx


Yay, worked it out. Tonypm's recent post gave me a clue

For a column "x" in your database/model:

        <%= form.text_field :x, :maxlength=>User.columns_hash['x'].limit %>

Looks a bit ugly... especially when you want to set other properties.... any ideas on how to clean it up?


I would say Gentoo, but those who know me, know I’d be very biased. :slight_smile:

I used Gentoo, Mongrel and Pound. I’m looking into switching from pound to nginx though.


Aaron Kulbe

a.k.a. superlag@gentoo.org :slight_smile:

Can you shed some more light on nginx ?

Gentoo is *so* easy to be very biased about!

+1 :slight_smile:

Another VPS question - how does getting an IP/domain work? Could I start out just getting a vps with a static IP and then have a domain point to it once we get that ironed out?

+1 for gentoo+nginx+mongrel_cluster