Volunteers required on a Rails Open Source project

Hi there,

I’m Angela from Team Hackety Hack in the RGSoC 2013 programme and we are looking for bilingual volunteers (budding or experienced developers) who would be willing to help us translate the open source project http://www.Hackety-Hack.com into foreign languages.

Rails Girls is a global initiative trying to get more women into building software and we would welcome the support.

Interested? Please read on and sign up here http://teamhackety.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/volunteers-needed/



Have you checked out Crowd-In (http://crowdin.net)? It is a crowd-based translation service and they are free for open-source projects: http://crowdin.net/page/open-source-project-setup-request.

I’m using them for a small project and they’ve been helpful.


Oh Thanks Iain, will do!