Vista / Instant Rails (Apache) startup error

I have instant rails (1.4) on an XP machine, the contents of which
(i.e. C:\InstantRails and everything under it) I copied over to a new
Vista machine.

Everything fies up nicely EXCEPT Apache, which fails with:

"Error in Apache Configuration File:
Syntax Error on line 74 of c:/instantrails/apache/conf/httpd.conf
ServerRoot must be a valid directory"

Except this is a valid directory on this machine, just as it was on
the ole xp one. If I go to that line 74 in httpd.conf, it reads:

ServerRoot "${path}/apache"

Can someone please point out what must be obvious, that I do not see
here? Thanks

${path} is an Instant Rails internal identifier that is supposed to be replaced with the path to where you have placed Instant Rails. If you look in the “conf_files” sub directory, you’ll see a whole bunch of model config files that are full of references to ${path}.

When IR puts up the dialog saying that IR “has moved, do you want to update the config files?”, IR reads all of these files, substitutes the install path for each instance of ${path} and writes the resulting files to there various runtime directories.

The fact that the runtime apache config file still contains ${path} is pretty bizarre.

Try renaming your base IR directory to something else and start up IR to force a config file update (make sure the IR base path does not contain any space characters). Hopefully that will clear things up.