Video Progress Bar Issue

I am using ffmpeg to post video to my site in a modal. When I post I have a second pop up window opening where the video should be uploaded and processed while showing a progress bar. This enables my users to continue using the site while the video is processed and they will receive a notification when its done. The files and parameters are not being transferred from the modal to the second pop up window. I am using quite a bit of javascript between the modal, opening the pop-up and polling the updates to the pop up window. Specifically I'm using query.


I don't think you can transfer the target of a post like that, at least not after it has been initiated. What you can do is initiate the post into the popup window (create that window, wait some number of milliseconds, then send the post), either in the main page of the daughter window or an iframe within it, and then do your polling in another frame in that daughter window. That would leave your main page free to navigate elsewhere while the file was uploading.