Vertical slide

Hi Everyone,

I have a page where I would like to implement something like this:
I tried periodically_call_remote ajax helper, but it's not working. It
is giving me all the records at a time, whereas I want records one by

I need suggestions, please reply


Taking a look to this site seems you need to do something like:

  1. Selecting all events not displayed
  2. Update the vertical slide with the first event from the list you obtain in the Step 1.
  3. Mark this event was displayed
  4. Back to Step 1

May be you should have some “state” and “created_at” fields in you events table ir order do the detalide steps:

  1. Select all events with state = “not displayed” order them by the “created_at” field
  2. Read the first Event from the list. If the list is empty, waste some time (configured ?) and Back to Step 1.
  3. Display it in the vertical slide.
  4. Update the state field to “duisplayed”
  5. Write the event.
  6. Back to the Step 1.

If you like this logic…then let´s Rails IT !!!


Hi Fabian,

Looks like I am heading into the right direction, but I think I have to add some ajax flavor in it to make it working. Yestarday I worked on it and I realized that periodically_call_remote can help me out of this… When I looked at the javascripts which has used, I’ve found that they are using JSON in some ways… and that’s make me worrying :frowning:

Now the point is like I will implement the database part of it… now comes the slider. What do I need for that? any javascript, jquery, prototype libraries I have to use?

I will be very glad if you will help me with some sample codes and some links which can help me to achieve this…

BTW thanks a ton for giving your valuable response :slight_smile: