Version naming to use in a RoR proyect

Hi everyone,

I would need to know if RoR follow any policy for version naming; I
mean, something like linux´s kernel does or similar.

For instance, kernel uses numbers separated in groups by dots (i.e.
pre 2.6 - AA.BB.CC). These groups mean differents fixtures, bugs

I will start a big proyect from scratch with rails and I want to
choose now a standart to use and avoid future problems with versions.

Finally, what policies do you use or do you know that can you recommend me?


If you haven't used SVN read this:

In particular the section on branches and merging.


And if you are going to use SVN on Windows environment, and you are
going to use it alone (you are the only one doing programming for the
project) I recommend using Tortoise SVN, its very easy to learn and


And actually, let me correct myself. Tortoise is a very good option if
you are in Windows environment (flying solo or with others helping in

The difference is that you don't need a SVN server (that can be
installed on the same machine as the client) if you are working alone
(localhost only), which makes things easier to set up.

Tortoise is ok if you don't know how to type. If you do know how to
type, and can read a manual, it is much easier to just use the svn
command line interface. Anyway, to automate tasks like creating a
release, you will need the CLI, so you might as well install it and
learn it.

Emacs with psvn.el works very nicely for comparing and merging.

The SVN client and server

You can install the SVN client and server from this page:

Actually, I've been using the svn command line instead of Tortoise for
a while, because I wanted to be comfortable in other environments,
like Linux and Mac.