Variable Scope


I've got a 4 step checkout. During the 2nd step, I collect order info and
set to a model variable Order and store that in a session var called
session[:order] to process later or repopulate the form if they do not
finish checkout. I do NOT, however want to store the credit card number in
the session, yet I still need to carry it over from the 2nd step to the
final step.


What's the best way to carry the CC# over a few steps without storing it in
the session and without creating a hidden form input. Class variables? The


Hi Chad,

I think using the flash would be your best option. Just pass it from
Step2 to Step3, then to Step4. that should do it.


One problem:

Say they get to the review step and hit refresh a few times, or remove
a product, or.... Flash goes bye bye.