valums ajax file upload + paperclip in Rails 2.x Options

Hello all,

I am trying to setup ajax file upload + ajax display in Rails 2.0.2
for project specific purposes. I am using valums ajax file upload
plugin( Using this plugin, I
have been able to upload these files working in my javascript and I
able to pass them as params.

I have found a blog in which they have shown how to combine this
plugin with paperclip..��%9....
This seems to be for a tutorial suggested for a higher Rails
configuration.. I have around 5 months experience in Rails(kindly
my being a novice) and I am not too sure on what exactly to tweak
where to get things working for me..

Since I am dealing with an old configuration , I am unable to
completely setup(as in call) the raw_file_upload.rb(as mentioned in
the blog) for my configuration. Can anyone kindly help me with the

Thank you..