validating that a user-agreement checkbox has been checked


I have a checkbox that a user must check before they register on my
site. It is to accept the terms of use. My question is, what
validation code do I need to add to my user model so that the record
can't be saved until the box is checked?

Thanks, - Dave


Just thought that you’ve been asking a lot of questions on the mailing
list lately and here’s a few things that might help you out:

You’ll get a quicker reply from the people on #rubyonrails. Many people from the mailing list are in here. is a great lookup site if you don’t know what a method does.

Then there’s old faithful too.

I did try sending this to your address but I got an instant error:

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PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 invalid address

Rick, Thanks. That was it.

Ryan, Yeah, I've probably overstayed my welcome somewhat. This is
such a great group but I should branch out. Is "
#rubyonrails" a newsgroup? I tried visiting the URL and
"" but got a server not found error. Incidentally I
visit this through Google Groups.

- Dave

It’s an IRC server, get an IRC client like mirc and then type /server -j #rubyonrails into the bar at the bottom after entering all your details.