validates problem

  validates_presence_of :name
validates_length_of :name, :maximum => 150
  validates_inclusion_of :category, :in => %w( X Y XY )
  validates_length_of :gender, :maximum => 3
  validates_length_of :tag, :within => 1..10

Data sended

data: !map:HashWithIndifferentAccess
  name: Bond
  category: X
  tag: standard


Category is not included in the list
Tag is too short (minimum is 1 characters)
Gender is too long (maximum is 3 characters)

What wrong?

Category is in list
Tag can't be too short, it 8 char
And gender can't be too long, because there is no gender value at all.

can you set a debugger in your Controller/Model to see what is
actually received?

How can I se a debbuger?

You need to install ruby-debug gem first Check if it already installed
gem list

   write debugger at the place where u want debugging and now start
your server like
./script/server --debugger then you will get debug prompt Type h for
help to get available commands
example : to print any value say @var
p @var