Valentina Database Now Supports Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X

Hi Greg,

One Valentina user have switch to Valentina from mySQL his ORM framework,
which is EOF-like, and made for REALbasic. This user have report us that
some complex query mySQL do in 30 minutes, Valentina do in 30 seconds. For
Valentina 3.5.2 (upcoming) we have made it even faster to near 1 second.

            30 minutes vs 1 second.
            1800 times faster.

My experience with benchmarks is that any of them can be tuned to look
good in a particular situation. For example your particular case
seems to be the "EOF-like" variety, clearly an edge case for which
Valentina is specifically tuned.

No actually...

Valentina is not tuned for any OR frameworks. Because we never have put such
target. Actually we only now starting to check this OR frameworks world
(ROR, Hibernate). We never did this because Valentina is not RDBMS, it is
Object-Relational. So we have consider any OR MAPs to be not needed. But it
seems that if do OR framework around ORDBMS it will be more clean/thing/
simple than one around RDBMS.

Its nature of engine and format of db files really give many enough benefits
for OR frameworks. For example, Valentina has RecID and OID fields in tables
which eat ZERO disk space, while still do job. Also Valentina is vertical
format database (not traditional row-format). Also Valentina has on low
level the Link abstraction, which you will not find in any other RDBMS. And
so on.

Besides, that developer have not implement yet any Valentina-specific
optimizations. For example we push him to start use Links, RecId, OID, SQL
with bindings, and so on.

We are sure that when he optimize framework with this features, he will get
easy 2-10 times speed up overall.

And I want underline again, Valentina was NOT born to be used with
OR-frameworks. 99% of Valentina developers use it just as ORDBMS without any
frameworks. And from this 99% may be 50% use it as pure RDBMS not touching

Valentina developers usually are developers who are NOT satisfied with all
these mentioned dbs. They come to Valentina and tell us own stories. Some of
them are here:

That's great but as long as Valentina is closed source I won't even
try it, much less pay money to use it or advise my company to use it.
Welcome to the future of software.

Aha, so problem is in your "religion". Then sorry, sorry...
Keep going with your gods :-)))
Nobody going touch personally you.

But note, that we was FORSED by many requests from Valentina users to enable
Valentina database for ROR. So please, Greg, try understand that EXCEPT you
exists other developers, which _may_ have other opinion and point of view
about db tools and needs of _their_ clients.

Welcome to multi-opinion multi-color multi-polar world :slight_smile:

I don't really know why you want to stay on this speed tangent when
the real issue here is spamming the list with an off-topic ad for a
closed source project.

Does this list have the name like "open-source-software-only" ? But no.
Its about ROR and ANYTHING related to ROR. Am I right Greg?

Can you assume that after this "ad for a closed source project", some
members of this list will get FREE INFORMATION about tool which allow them
better solve their tasks? Why you want prevent them from this??? You are
censor? You like mySQL? But we know a lots of developers, which hate it.

By the way, your first message into this thread was about price of Valentina
vs mySQL. I have forget to mention that we have for Linux web developers
totally FREE Valentina Community Server.

Get over yourself and your "fast" database and let people discover the project
through Google like normal. I'm sure there are billions of developers
searching for a "faster than anything out there" database right this minute.

1) exists law/rule about this way only? Point by finger please.
    if you cannot point such law please do not teach others.

2) Hmm, You like and use Google???

Am I right they use own *closed-source* software for search engines?
So be consistent, and "trash" it from your tools. :-))

Also I believe you _never_ use such things as Windows, MAC OS X,
Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, inDesign, ShockWave, Director, Opera, and
thousands of other cool titles?

P.S. This is the last my answer to Greg's "religion wars".