Using spacer img in menu


This is what I want....

blog | photos | about

This is what my code gives me.....

blog | photos | about |

The last "|" is to much....

  <% for page in @menu_pages %>
  <% end %>

Is there any way I can get some sort of indication whether the array
@menu_pages has a next element?

-- Jelle


I use this:

        <%= render(:partial => 'navbar_item',
                   :collection => @navbar_items,
                   :spacer_template => 'navbar_spacer') %>

With obviously navbar_item displaying an item and the navbar_spacer the

Gr. Raymond

<%= { |page|
       content_tag(:li, page.to_s)
     }.join(content_tag(:li, '|')) %>

Which should probably be extracted to a helper so you can call:

<%= menu_items_for(@menu_pages, '|') %>

And there will probably be someone who says "you should use do-end for a multi-line block", but I'm believing (and trying to follow) Jim Weirich's style of using {} when the value of the block is used and do-end otherwise (or when precedence dictates).


Rob Biedenharn