Using Selenium with a mock-method on associated Model ???

Hello all,

I have a Selenium test calling |open|/sales/approve_activity|
The data list gathered for this page requires an external database call
to a stored procedure to fill a "work table" that is read for the data
on the page (SQL 2000).
I have the call wrapped in a single-line method.

During my functional test, I mock-disable the stored procedure call, as
the "work table" is fillied via fixture.

class Sales < ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.load_work_data
    puts "mock called sp_load_sales_work_table"

I placed this same code into a .rsel partial and includePartial at the
top of my .sel test.

This works A-OK in the fixture. It apparently doesn't work at all in
the Selenium call.

Where should this mock-class be located? And/or when should I call it
for use with a Selenium test ?

Thanks all.