Using Ruby skills to save the natural world!

Eco Companion is a booking engine specifically designed to showcase the world’s best in sustainable nature tourism

We are looking for a Ruby on Rails developer to come on board to work with our super experienced CTO on our site for nature lovers!


We have closed two rounds of investment recently, just launched a whole new website and now are in need of more muscle behind developing this baby forward.

Our business has a USP of our world rating system that analyses how sustainable each experience is then ranks and sorts them by that. This then incentives the nature tourism industry (£179b globally or 20% total tourism market) towards sustainability.

I like to describe it as we save nature by selling it!

So it’s a huge mission that you can feel good about too!

We’re looking for someone with experience with Ruby on rails, github and Heroku.

It really is an open playing field as we are so young where there is endless opportunity to improve on the results we’ve delivered to date.

Please don’t expect any big salaries at this point as we are only now taking our second round of investment. What we can promise, however, is autonomy, ownership and a whole heap of fulfilment and self-actualisation!

Plus the chance to work within a super-chilled but very hard-working team with a huge idea that we’re all passionate about.

Please do get in touch to find out more if that sounds appealing to you!