using rails_upgrade on windows

Well, I've been at this for the past two days.

I'm trying to upgrade a Rails 2.3.2 app (ruby 1.8.7) to rails 3, ruby 1.9.2

I ran across this rails_upgrade plugin and got excited--at first.

However, the installation calls for a ruby script/plugin command, which does not exist anymore.

I found a post that says to go back to old rails environment to run it. So I did that. The install does not appear to work as I do not get the message that the install.rb is supposed to display.

when I try to run the rake rails:upgrade:check I get the message that rake does not know how to run the task.

I also found that I should update to 2.3.5 first so I tried that. More problems.

Is there a way I can manually install the rails_upgrade in the rails 3 environment (not using the script/plugin)? It says it should run in rails 3.

TIA, Dan