Using pry-rails with a Rails engine.

I created a new Rails 3.2.6 engine via a command like this:

$ rails plugin new $engine_name --skip-bundle -d $database_type -T --dummy-path=spec``/dummy --full --mountable

Then, I set it up with RSpec 2.11.0, and included the "pry-rails" gem as a dependency:

$ grep pry-rails $engine_name.gemspec s.add_development_dependency 'pry-rails', '~> 0.1.6'

However, when I start the Rails console from inside the dummy application, Pry doesn’t seem to be working:

$ (cd spec/dummy/; rails console)

Loading development environment (Rails 3.2.6)


Has anyone successfully made “pry-rails” to work with an engine without resorting to an horrible hack?



PS — I submitted an issue to the “pry-rails” GitHub site, just in case.

It looks like things work if I specify pry-rails in the engine Gemfile like this (in addition to having it in thegemspec file, as is the practice when you need a gem to target a specific version/location for development):

gem 'pry-rails', git: ''

In other words, it looks like pry-rails version 0.1.6 from doesn’t work, but the HEADof themaster branch on GitHub does work. I’m not sure, but maybe a new version of pry-rails needs to be pushed to