Using form variable for controller logic

aust_guy wrote:

I'm relatively new to rails and have a question. I've looked through the archives, but really have no idea what to search for so I apologize if this has been addressed before. I am trying to use a form response for some logic in my controller. For example, if a check box is checked, redirect to another page. Obviously I don't need this checkbox to have a place in the database. But rails thinks I do. How do I have a value in a form without having to have a place in the database for it and without getting a "method undefined" exception?

Rails thinks no such thing. Add your checkbox to your view, using <input type='checkbox' name='foo' />. Then in your controller, your value is in params[:foo]. No database required.

If you are abusing the "scaffold" system, don't. It's just a one-shot thing; it's not how most development should go.