Using Cookies in a Rails 3.0 Metal Class

I have the following class that works fine as a controller:

class Foo < ApplicationController

def check

unless cookies[:user_id].nil?“Cookies value is : #{cookies[:user_id]}”)

redirect_to “


cookies[:user_id] = { :value => “198”, :expires => 180.days.from_now }

redirect_to “




When I try to convert it to Metal : class Foo < ActionController::Metal

it complains about cookies method available I included the following line:

include ActionController::Session::CookieStore

it still gives me the same error. When the metal class is in the controller directory it is at least finding the class. If I move it to lib directory I get : uninitialized constant Foo error. I included the line:

require File.expand_path(‘…/…/…/config/environment’, FILE) unless defined?(Rails)

it still gives the same error.

My questions are:

  1. What do I need to include my metal class in order to use the cookies method in Rails 3.0 ?

  2. Where should I save my Rails metal app class file? in the controllers or lib directory?