using console is a proper way in produciton?

I've planned to use script/console to support mainloop for my rails
I need some infinite loop for doing my logic.
For example, I want to give a point every second to users.
to do this task I think I simply code like this:
loop { GivePoint(); sleep 1 } on script/console
and handle taks in the GivePoint method.

Can this way work fine on commercial application?
In fact, script/console looks like sort of helpers to test, so it may
heavy to perform business logic in real world.
Am I right?
Somebody advice on me.


You should probably do this in a background task/daemon

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The best way is to put your code in a model (ex. app/model/batch.rb) or
in a library class (ex. lib/batch.rb) exposing a public method (ex. def then create a service that call: script/runner -e production

Hope it helps