Using ActiveRecord to peek into a WordPress database, but incorrect query generated?

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I'm trying to use Rails to peek into some WordPress (weblog) database,
using ActiveRecord. Retrieving posts works elegantly, even without one
single line of code. Unfortunately, I can't retrieve associated data
correctly, for example getting the categories of a post.

The relevant WordPress tables and fields are:

Table: wp_posts

Table: wp_categories

Table: wp_post2cat

Obvisously, wp_post2cat is the join table, linking many posts to many

In my Rails app, I've set up the following models:

File: app/models/post.rb
  class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_and_belongs_to_many :categories, :join_table => "wp_post2cat"

File: app/models/category.rb
  class Category < ActiveRecord::Base
    set_primary_key "cat_id"
    has_and_belongs_to_many :posts, :join_table => "wp_post2cat"

With this, a correct database.yml and the correct table prefix "wp_",
I can correctly retrieve posts or categories:
  p = Post.find(4812)
  c = Category.find(10)

(For the sake of argument, trust me that post 4812 is associated to
category 10.)
p.methods() shows that this object also has a method categories(), and
c.methods() shows a posts() method.

The problem is that is isn't working:
results in

If I look to the resulting SQL-query, I see:
  SELECT * FROM wp_categories
  INNER JOIN wp_post2cat ON wp_categories.cat_id = wp_post2cat.category_id
  WHERE (wp_post2cat.post_id = NULL )

I assume that the problem is in the WHERE-clause: post_id shouldn't be
tested against NULL, but against 4812, the id of Post p. If I replace
NULL with 4812, I do get the correct Category record from the query.

Could someone locate the error in my setup, or provide pointers for
further experimentation?

Many thanks, kind regards,


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