URGENT HELP!!! Problem in render

i don't think you're problem is a render problem, but a log4r problem.

from logger.rb

    # Add outputters by name or by reference. Can be done any time.
    def add(*_outputters)
      for thing in _outputters
        o = (thing.kind_of?(Outputter) ? thing : Outputter[thing])
        # some basic validation
        if not o.kind_of?(Outputter)
          raise TypeError, "Expected kind of Outputter, got #{o.class}", caller
        elsif o.nil?
          raise TypeError, "Couldn't find Outputter '#{thing}'", caller
        @outputters.push o
        Logger.log_internal {"Added outputter '#{o.name}' to '#{@fullname}'"}

the first line in that method is what is causing the error.


i think you are out of luck...