upload test images using rake with populator

I am wondering if it is possible to upload test images to the database along with the other fake user data. I am using populator along with faker for fake test data and it is working very well. I am able to do things like:

    User.populate 100 do |user|       user.username = Faker::Name.first_name       user.email = Faker::Internet.email    end

but I am wondering if theres a way to do something like:

    User.populate 100 do |user|       user.username = Faker::Name.first_name       user.email = Faker::Internet.email      Photo.populate 1 do |photo|        photo.user_id = user.id ....    end

I know this is not possible with populator, but maybe someone can enlighten me with the direction towards a function I can write on my own? I am using attachment_fu now, but I am looking to switch to paperclip in the near future. Also if anyone has other methods excluding rake tasks for doing this please let me know. thanks.

Just found this relevant code online. Gonna play around with this and see where I get:

    namespace :avatars do       desc "Create initial avatar database."       task :init => :environment do         Dir.chdir("#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/avatars/")         @image_paths = Dir["*.jpg"]         for avatar in @image_paths           path = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/avatars/#{avatar}"           fsize = File.size(path)           avatar = Avatar.create(:avatar_file_name => avatar, :avatar_content_type => 'image/jpeg', :avatar_file_size => fsize)          avatar.save        end      end    end